It might come as a surprise, but no… 

you won't catch me following clichés like the 'eat, pray, love' routine or any cookie-cutter strategy despite being in the well-being industry. I've always been one to disrupt the status quo while helping more people expand their awareness and connection within.

With over a decade in Corporate HR and a resilient entrepreneurial spirit, I've founded multi-6-figure service-based businesses, even through the humbling experience of a failed venture. 

Today, I partner with senior leaders and leadership teams to foster peak well-being and a 1% culture to unlock increased productivity and revenue, while retaining your team for twice as long. I integrate science-backed modalities like Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, & more, with an understanding of how our body's nervous system reacts to stress to revolutionize leadership & team dynamics.

Get more done with less time and feel better while at it! 


What does this mean for you? 
Profits soar as you achieve an average 40% reduction in individuals' intent to leave their jobs, and experience a minimum 35% decrease in stress, while enhancing well-being & productivity.


In a world calling for agility, proactivity, and a departure from traditional structures, my substantial experience and ongoing journey stand ready to transform how you inspire and lead your team.

Think of your nervous system as the MVP in the game against burnout and costs associated to stress-related issues, such as dips in productivity and absenteeism. The better your nervous system is at maintaining regulation, the more effectively you handle stress.

I'm not here to erase all stress – it's about tweaking how you deal with it, making you bounce back faster, and not camp out in the survival zone of your brain.

→ Mental exhaustion, emotional burnout, & procrastination
→ Individuals you've invested training in, leave in less than a year
→ Navigating deliverable timelines when individuals frequently call in sick or are absent
→ Feeling like you’re pulling teeth to get individuals to contribute & foster collaborative dialogue

→ Improving your brain function to earn more money
→ People you've invested stay twice as long + refer others
→ Your team sticks like super glue
→ Those you lead confiding & coming forward safely without fear of retaliation

If you're an senior leader or head of people & culture and you want to revolutionize the way you lead, with a well-being & culture specialist to up-level your leadership skills + foster team cultures that thrive at no cost to health & happiness, I invite you to complete the form within "Unlock Neuro-Fit Leadership!"

Unlock Neuro-Fit Leadership!

I have stopped all HRT medication and my depression is all but gone

"I was struggling with Perimenopause, anxiety, and depression. The existing "medical" program I was on was not working as new symptoms would keep coming up for me and my mental health was still declining. Mallory's website popped up in my Google search and resonated with me immediately, to reach out and book a call with her. 

It was the BEST decision I've made. She helped open my eyes to my potential and a different way of thinking. What I liked best about working with Mal was her lack of judgement and her support of my timeline to heal myself. She took into account what I was comfortable with and not comfortable with during our sessions which created a safe space for me to be honest with our conversations.

For me, I was not looking for a career but a path to my inner spiritual self and I have found it. Within just 3-months of working with Mal, I have stopped all HRT medication and my depression is all but gone.

The most important thing to know about working with Mal is that she is there to help you succeed."

Steph O.

W O R K  W I T H  M A L 

Current Service Offerings

My diverse client base includes 6-figure service-based CEOs, B2B product founders, and senior leadership from notable aerospace, educational, government, & healthcare sectors. I’m blessed to work with clients globally.

1-on-1 Coaching 

I work with ambitious, highly driven conscious senior leaders & CEO's leveraging an integrative leadership approach, which involves working with your body, breath, nervous system, mind, and heart. 

Together, we get your brain to spend more time in the prefrontal cortex – that sweet spot for trust, compassion, and empathy and the innovative, strategic side of your thinking. 

 Here’s what you can expect from this journey:

  • Achieve your goals without burning out
  • Build unshakeable confidence
  • Think, feel, and perform like the top 1%
  • Cultivate nervous system regulation for better health and productivity
  • Develop personal tools and practices for everyday use
  • Feel free, connected, and trusting in yourself again
  • Increase and expand your capacity to build and sustain wealth

Get more done with less time and feel better while at it. 

Minimum 3-month commitment for 1:1 coaching (starting at $1,250/month)

Fractional HR


Elevate your small to mid-size organization with tailored consulting solutions designed to future-proof your business.

With extensive experience in labour relations and talent management, I am passionate about helping organizations thrive by creating cultures rooted in well-being, respect, and honouring each individual's natural talents and needs to make the greatest contribution.

My services include advising and consultation on employee experience, onboarding, retention, talent management, employee relations, policy development, and executive coaching.

Choose from flexible plans, including on-demand and ongoing weekly, monthly, and interim support.

Training & Workshop Facilitation

Your people get more done, make more money, and stay with your company twice as long, in less than 3 months. 

These customized Leadership Development and Individual Contributor trainings & workshops are designed and delivered in a 4-6 part series either in-person or virtual for you to:

  • Improve your brain function to earn more money
  • Heighten engagement and communication. Becoming the “best place to work” with higher levels of attraction and keeping your trained individuals, within the organization
  • Those you lead confide and come forward safely without fear of retaliation
  • Empower employees so they are more confident, adaptable, and resilient, leading to better problem-solving and innovation, supporting financial success and engagement.
  • Create a blueprint of your body's reactions to stress, relaxation, and emotions. Become aware how your body and brain respond to different situations to best manage your emotions effectively at work to create a harmonious environment for your team 




Transform your event with dynamic, thought-provoking speaking engagement. As a seasoned speaker, I bring a unique blend of expertise in leadership, growth mindset, neurocoaching, intuitive development and holistic wellness.

Book Mallory to be deliver a presentation to your team, podcast, organization or community.

Unlock Neuro-Fit Leadership!

A S  S E E N  I N

 In the U.S alone, 3 to 4.5 million employees quit their jobs monthly, according to JOLTS. 

 Yet, 94% would stay if their employer invested in their long-term learning.


Investing in the well-being and development of your yourself (or team) isn't just altruism; it's a strategic move.

It drives productivity, engagement, and ultimately, bottom-line results. And hey, who doesn't want to save some cash, right? High employee turnover can dent your budget, costing thousands in recruiting and training expenses. Plus, a high turnover rate can turn your remaining team members into stress balls, overwhelmed with extra work and feeling like they're in a never-ending game of musical chairs.

By prioritizing your team’s well-being and development, you can mitigate these challenges and create a workplace culture where employees feel valued, supported, and motivated to give their best. 


 Now, isn't that a win-win for everyone?

C L I E N T E L E 

Let's take stock of what's happening around us today.

A Google study highlighted the common denominator among the highest-performing teams: freedom and safety for even the most junior people to speak up (psychological safety).

Bloomberg reported that more than 40% of people with desk jobs feel burned out, while Gallup indicated that only 7% of the global workforce of 3.3 billion adults has a great job.

That's only 3 million people out of billions.

Forbes stated that 70% of people believe their manager has more impact on their mental health than their therapist or doctor.

From this, we might know the traditional way of doing things may be falling short.

76% of employees report having some sort of mental health issue but only 2% leverage EAP.


Why? It's about creating spaces where leaders are humble and self-aware, where people look forward to work, eager to contribute, and feel a sense of purpose. People may not control others' reactions, but they are responsible for how they receive and respond.

Are we doing this?

How many of us truly look forward to seeing our colleagues every day?

According to Berkeley & Gallup, focusing on these aspects can lead to soaring profits, with a 40% reduction in employees' intent to leave and a minimum 35% decrease in stress.

This enhances well-being and productivity. Skilled leaders increase profitability by raising engagement and talent retention by 23%. 

I forgave myself, got clear on what fulfillment looks like to me and actually slowed down and found my own natural rhythm to business and life. 

"When I started working with Mal I ended up going through a transformation I never expected. I got clear on my values and my gifts but also realized up to this point I had always hustled and lived for some future successful version of myself.

In the span of six months together I forgave myself, got clear on what fulfillment looks like to me and actually slowed down and found my own natural rhythm to business and life. Now I'm not chasing success but am in love with who I am right now and things are flowing effortlessly.

Mal was so intuitive and supportive the entire way. I also got so much out of our support sessions combining Reiki as well. This was the best investment I made on myself. I learned so much about the energetic magic behind business and working with clients while also knowing I'm in this for the long game. 

I highly recommend working with Mal. She holds a beautiful energy and I truly felt uplifted around her. She's a mindset queen and definitely called me out on my limited thinking and helped me to see my blindspots."

Margaret P.
Wellness Facilitator

Not only did I begin booking clients sooner than I had planned to, I also hired on a new team member to assist me in execution of my SOPs and creating a social media strategy which helped immensely.

"The last 6 months with Mal have been an incredible and unforgettable journey! Running a brand and web design business for the last 4 years has been filled with its ups and downs and I found Mal at a time when I knew I needed to make a huge change.

I was burned out, projects were getting drawn out, I had stopped searching for new clients and I felt lost in which way to go. I knew it was time to restructure my business in a way that supported a sustainable growth plan that allowed me to attract my dream clients, take on larger projects, hire a team, step into a leadership role, and still have plenty of free time to be outside doing what I love. 

Through Reiki, meditation and our 1:1 calls, I noticed how my mindset was shifting back into feeling focused, inspired, and fuelled. 

The capacity to which Mal holds such a beautiful, supportive space is one I will never forget and a huge reason why I chose to work with her. The whole experience was thoughtfully created while also providing the tools to create lasting impact on their life!"

Kelsey B.
Brand Designer

W H A T  C L I E N T S  S A Y  

Unlock Neuro-Fit Leadership!

Get to know me...

Like any classic overachiever, I'm a Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, and certified Polyvagal-Informed, Life & Success Coach, Hypnotherapist, TIME, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner with a diploma in Business Administration specialized in Human Resources Management.

With over a decade in Corporate HR and a resilient entrepreneurial spirit, I've founded multi-6-figure service-based businesses, even through the humbling experience of a failed venture. 

Today, I partner with senior leaders and leadership teams to foster peak well-being and a 1% culture to unlock increased productivity and revenue, while retaining your team for twice as long. 

And hey, I'm not like any "old" HR, I lead with a nervous-system first approach. 

Get more done with less time and feel better while at it. 

If you're a senior leader ready to reshape the conversation about well-being support - moving beyond recognition events, allocating more paid leave, and utilizing mindful apps - to address the root patterns and causes of individual challenges, you're in the right place.

p.s: When I'm not consciously shifting the lives of others, you'll find me with my emotional support fur babies, taking an icy plunge, or out in the mountains, seeking adventure & learning through the humility nature has to offer us.

p.p.s: in my corner of the internet, people call me a "mindset queen" and "well-being advocate". 

W H A T  C L I E N T S  S A Y  

Unlock Neuro-Fit Leadership!
F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S

You Might Be Wondering...

Mal helped me gain clarity and confidence as a leader in my business while helping expand my consciousness

"During our time together Mal helped me gain clarity and confidence in my business and helped me expand in my consciousness. With her knowledge and understanding of mindset and spirituality, it was exactly what I was looking for to help me create the shifts.

What I loved about working with Mal was how she was always available to help me see things in a completely different perspective when my mind would take over and fear would arise.

Mal knew exactly what to say and how to put me at ease and direct my focus to where it should have been."

Kate C.
Mindset & Manifestation Coach
I respectfully acknowledge my place of work is within the ancestral, traditional and unceded territories of the Xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish) and səl̓ilwətaʔɬ/sel̓ílwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) and that I serve the Peoples of the many Nations throughout British Columbia.